A Play without words – with Cape Town City Ballet

On the 13th August I have been invited to The Vortex, after I have been I will share my thoughts with you, but for now, I  would just like to tell you about it. I absolutely Love Theatre & Ballet, and it really does need your support.

The Vortex
The Vortex

Book your tickets for R250, R200, R150 & R100  at the Theatre Box Office (011) 511 1818 or at Computicket.com

And now for something completely different…A play without words…

CAPE TOWN CITY BALLET Under the artistic direction of Elizabeth Triegaardt

Dances  Noël Coward’s ‘THE VORTEX’ Choreographed by MARC GOLDBERG.

Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre – 12 August – 23 August

Pieter Toerien is proud to present Cape Town City Ballet in MARC GOLDBERG’s dance adaptation of Noël Cowards controversial play ‘The Vortex’.

“As in the original play, we explore themes of adultery, aging, drug use and dysfunctional family dynamics in 1920’s high society. Over the course of a weekend in the country home of David and Florence Lancaster, We follow Florence through the return of her son Nicky and his new fiancé Bunty from Paris, and the gradual understanding that Nicky is harbouring a dark secret. We are introduced to the grounded and wise Helen, Florence’s best friend, who holds a deep fondness for Nicky and pities the trying relationship that he has with his mother. Florence’s obsession with youth and beauty is displayed in her constant affairs with much younger men. Her current lover is the dashing Tom, a past school friend of her son’s but he is proving to be a greater challenge than anticipated.  Tensions boil and culminate in a confrontation that irrevocably changes the lives of those involved.”

The Ballet is an adaptation of Mr Coward’s debut play. Marc Goldberg has translated Mr Cowards loaded prose into movement that creates a slick and stylized perspective on the fascinating character dynamics that made the play so powerful in 1921. Musically we experience the unspoken tensions by the use of juxtaposing composers. Noël Coward’s live recordings of hits like ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’, ‘I Went to a Marvellous Party’ and ‘Mad about the Boy’ are combined with Mexican electronic composer Murcof’s very atmospheric and sophisticated style. A varied and sometimes chilling canvas of the human perspective is created while working within the frame of Mr Coward’s glamour, frivolity and opulence of the era.

Performances: Wed – Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 4pm & 8pm, Sun @ 3pm & 6pm


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