Wake up in your own bed!

This morning I woke up in the wrong bed – and let me tell you it turns your entire day upside down, now before you let your mind wander off in the wrong direction – ha ha…I know who you are! I woke in my daughters bed, as lovely as it was at 9 pm last night, to crawl in with a little person and hug her to sleep, in her very delicious queen with feather duvet – not sure how she got that right – waking up there this morning was a different story all together.

First thing 5.45 am my husband walks in and puts the light on, holy cow, it was so bright it was like a blinking flood light was flashed across the room. Needless  to say I flew under the duvet and wished I was elsewhere. Subsequently the whole house derailed, there is something about Mom not being a good place in the morning, there is definitely an unspoken thread, that connects all family members to Mom.

Seems everyone woke up with something, my husband to an empty bed,  my son had a sore throat, my daughter a sore stomach. Stumbling into the kitchen, the four cats seemed hungrier than normal, all of them looking at me as if there was a decade between dinner and breakfast, and of course I am responsible. Dinner dishes in the basin, no bread for sandwiches, and no time.

Cut fruit, put out bowls and yoghurt – help yourself – one tea, one hot milk, one coffee – sorry two coffees – Chuck Seeds ( thank you Nu Seed) and fruit into the lunch boxes along with R25 each – shoo – thank goodness hubby’s wallet had change. And by the time they fell through the door and finally into the car – I felt as if I had spent an hour in the tumble dryer.

I have since they left, tidied the house, exercised, spent some quiet time, showered, dressed, had breakfast, and finally here I am at my computer – after pulling the curtain in the dining room off the rail  – ugh – trying to maintain some kind of equilibrium. I think another cup of coffee is in order, but for now I can tackle  some work for the next few hours, before rushing out again to fetch children this afternoon from sport – and the circle continues – needless to say it is a Circle of Love – but come hell or high water I will be waking up in my own bed tomorrow morning.

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