Catch the Sales!

There is something very dangerous about having two hours to kill in the mall, and on Friday afternoon I found myself in this dilemma. Of course I could have gone to M&B or Seattle and sat and had coffee and finished some work, or I thought I could just check out the shops and see where that takes me. Of course it took me straight to the till, with a basket full of clothes.

When you have a 16yr old boy an 8 year old girl and a busy husband, there is a constant need, not just for food, but for clothes and a million other items. Clothes are not on the everyday list, so when I see ‘nice’ things at ‘nice’ prices, it makes sense to get them out of the shop and into the hands of the grateful recipients.

On Friday it was surprisingly, for me, Mr Price that benefited from my necessary indulgence, and I left there having spent R1020 with 14 items – a casual shirt, golf shirt and a summer hoodie for my son, two golf shirts for my husband, a pair of jeans, a top, and some lingerie for myself, a pair of swag pants, leggings, a top, a dress and underwear for my daughter. I was pretty impressed – items ranged from R39.99 to the most expensive being R120 and the quality seemingly compares to competing stores. The thing which surprised me the most, was that I actually found items that I liked, and in the case of my clothes that fitted.I generally do not make decisions that easily.

I have noticed recently that paying more does not necessarily mean better quality, and somehow no matter where you shop these days, a thread will come loose, and shoes just don’t last as long as they should. So at these prices, if they wear the items for six months, then I suppose it’s a good buy, but probably they will last much longer.

I find my clothes tend to last until I choose to say goodbye to them, and even then there is always someone waiting to indulge in my hand me downs.

The point is Catch the Sales, there are some ‘pretty decent’ clothes in the shops at the moment, at pretty decent prices – after all it is almost time to pack the winter woollies away and make space for summer.

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