Convenience Shopping at its best!

The Spar in Bedfordview has been a conveniently placed store en-route for me daily for a number of years, unfortunately though each time I went in there, I asked my kids to remind me to never return. So earlier this year I found a smaller spar, that is closer to home but slightly off my normal route, and I have been going there instead, as I absolutely hate bad shopping experiences.
On Thursday I decided to pop into the Spar in Bedfordview and I was pleasantly surprised, it is now a large, modern SuperSpar, shiny and clean with local and imported fare bursting from its shelves in inviting displays.
I have to say it was like walking into a store overseas, and it was an excitingly pleasant shopping experience, and best of all prices are around the same as anywhere else; I always measure per bag, and depending on the shop it is approximately R150 per shopping bag / ‘Tjekase’. So at R557 for five bags I was happy, I even bought a fresh, two tiered vanilla cake for home group for only R45. I will definitely be getting my Loyaltycard for this Spar, and staying on route in future.

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