Dressing the Body I have!

I recently found some fabulous fashion tips on Pinterest, which apparently all the celebrities use.

In the past I didn’t have to think about these things, in my twenties and even 30’s, if I  had weighed 55  I would have considered myself  massive.  Alas in the last decade from 35 to  45 there is way more of me than is necessary. Okay granted, I did fall pregnant at 37, stopped smoking, and began to enjoy the comforts of happily married family life… so with these little indulgences in mind I continue to fight the battle, but the bottom line is  I have to dress the body I have!

The tips are pretty clever really.

Wear a long outer layer – that way you are able to conceal all the bits you don’t really want to share.

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Dress in one colour from head to toe, while black is a fabulous option for this, white works just as well, and for Summer other colours are more fun.

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V Necks – produce a slim line.


Flared Skirts are perfect for concealing hips.

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Belted waists – make your waist look smaller.


For more read this fabulous article http://magazine.foxnews.com/style-beauty/it%E2%80%99s-cinch-10-stylish-ways-make-your-waist-look-smaller

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