Endurance of the Dancer and the Rugby Player!


The average South African, will jump at the opportunity to attend a Rugby Game at the stadium, and the lounge is crowded with testosterone when South Africa is on the world stage, and while I believe whole-heartedly that we absolutely should be supporting our team, and raising the roof with passion and enthusiasm, I also believe that we should be supporting the Performing Arts, with the same enthusiasm and passion.

While we can get 50,000 South Africans into a stadium, we only get a few thousand into the theatres to support the Performing Arts, it is just as important for us to celebrate our Rugby and other sporting achievements, as it is for us to celebrate the achievements of an industry that can only be strengthened through a growing audience.

The word endurance means to endure, bear pain or hardship, or to have the ability to continue or last, despite fatigue, stress, adverse conditions. A synonym is stamina, which means to have the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.

This is something we respect in our Rugby Greats, past and present, and it is also something that is being displayed on our theatrical stages. Fitness in Rugby and fitness in Dance – both require physical activity, physical work, strength, flexibility and endurance – it is this combination that leads to fitness. Both the Dancer and the Professional Rugby Player are striving for perfection, both work hard, work safe and set goals. While the training may differ, in that Rugby requires high level endurance as a multi sprint sport, Dance is a discipline that requires absolute control and fluidity.

Both are artists, both deserve the world stage, both need support to survive…both will endure!

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