Spend Freeze 2015 Day 1

R300 Petrol Allocation – I was going to top up yesterday, but as petrol costs drop by 70c per litre tonight, I decided as we are saving money for 2 weeks, it makes perfect sense to top up tomorrow morning, at the reduced price per litre.

R600 cash drawn for those eventualities and appointments that I had already made in advance, unfortunately although curbing spending is possible, not honouring meetings is not, and meetings generally require coffee.

Day 1

I had a breakfast pre-booked and had allocated monies accordingly, but was blessed by my friend.

Had to close a bank account today and that required a fee of R51.19.

Spent 2 hours in banks this morning, and then spent an hour in the sun watching kids sport, so bought 3 cooldrinks, 1 each – spend – R30.

After 2 hours in the bank needed to pay for parking – R8.

Needed to buy my daughter a school cap, as she lost hers, cannot play on the field without it – School rules – R50.

Total Spend Day 1 which came out of the allocation of R600 – R139.00

No grocery shopping today – whoo hoo!

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