Spend Freeze 2015 – Day 2 and Day 3

Spend Freeze Day 2

The wonderful thing about only having an allocated amount of money to last an allocated amount of time is that one suddenly becomes resourceful.

For example yesterday I baked muffins, more things to put in the kids lunch.

I also cashed in 15,500 Smart Shopper points I did not know I had, and I printed the vouchers for their current promotion, which I did not know was happening. With a family of four and four cats, it is impossible not to need something, so I did need to visit Pick & Pay, but was very happy to leave with R350 worth of shopping only having paid R140 and change.

I had a meeting, but was once again blessed with coffee, so had a total spend of R140 and change today.

Spend Freeze Day 3

Today I had a meeting,  and was once again blessed with coffee, Wow, it’s on me next time definitely.

Tonight I have tickets to Alvin Ailey and am getting taken out for drinks, so once again being blessed.

Spend Day 3: R0.00

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