Fabulous DanceMouse

This morning I went to my first Dance Mouse Class, as a new aspiring Dance Mouse teacher, and once again I was reminded how precious our children are, they have a divine innocence, that allows them to trust, and they have hearts so big, and spirits so large…they want nothing more than to indulge in the creativity of the world around them. Whether it be the dance, the music, a party, a class – they want to feel safe, to feel comforted, and nurtured and with this intact, they want to throw themselves head first into a colourful world of balloons, and jumping castles and make believe, a world where anything and everything seems possible.

At one time or another we have all skipped, jumped, marched and reached for our own toes…and while children are stretching, spinning, marching, and reaching for the stars, without realising they are discovering their own creativity, their own coordination, and their own self-worth.

Spending a morning in the presence of children is definitely a blessing I am looking forward to giving more of myself and discovering the colourful world of dance with them. Who says we cannot paint rainbows with our toes!


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