Spend Freeze Day 6 & 7

I have to be honest this is way harder than I thought it would be, I did not realise how often I spend money, and how as a family we have such a continual need.

Day 6 Sunday – It is very difficult to hold tight on this day and I did put money in the collection at church.

Day 7 Monday 
After the week-end food is always short, so I popped into the Spar, cashed in some Spar points and received R136 worth of groceries for R0,00 and bought some Electricity for R100.

I haven’t cashed in any points since the beginning of the year, so if I can get a couple of hundreds worth of groceries from Pick & Pay and Spar every 6 months then that is a great saving.

Time to check what is left in the purse from the original R600 allocated on Day 1.
Balance: R162.71

Total Spend in 7 days – R437.00 (Includes, food, electricity, charity, miscellaneous)

Fuel Allocation: R300 from Day 1
I still have fuel, and am continuing to do my normal daily km’s of between 30 and 60 km, tomorrow I have another Dance Mouse class, and a meeting and double school runs so it will be 84km. This new car is a gem on fuel consumption.

Not sure if I will make the whole 14 days, but I am keeping going. There are two dresses I need to collect from the Tailor for my daughter, but I fear they will take me over the amount left. I may have to allocate another small amount of money but I will have to make that call in the next few days, I know it does not sound like a Spend Freeze but it sure feels like one. 🙂

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