My Spend Freeze Day 10 – My Last Day!

Here I am, and it is ten days since I started my Spend Freeze and I must say it has been an interesting exercise, and has definitely forced me to think about managing my money much better.

@DebtSafe / I know the Spend Freeze was supposed to be 14 days but unfortunately mine has to end here…I have a very empty fridge, three teenage boys arriving tomorrow for the week-end, a house guest arriving on Saturday for a month, and another guest due next week who will also be here for a month; so as you can see I have no choice but to prepare for my guests.

Firstly I want to thank you all for following me, Wow I have been blow away by how many post reads I have had during the last ten days. I hope you will continue to follow me, and let me know if you Find Fabulous!

I seriously did not think I would survive even 10 days on R600, but this morning I gave my children money for lunch as there was no food left – ha ha of the R62.71 left  I have R1.20.

Going forward I will definitely be managing my money better, while it has been challenging, it has proven to me that the more times I shop, the more money I spend. Planning is therefore absolutely essential, put money aside for Fuel, Food and eventualities – like all those coffee meetings, and allocate monies upfront  for any outings that are happening in the month ahead and budget accordingly.

Thank you DebtSafe for inspiring me to get involved in this Spend Freeze, I definitely recommend doing this at least once a year.

For the balance of 2015 and beyond I will be focusing on as my husband would say –‘getting ahead’ – he has enjoyed watching me ‘hold tight’, and while I am not by any means a frivolous spender, I will be managing my money better in the future.

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