Absolutely Fabulous – From the Footlights



If you missed the amazing Jonathan Roxmouth this week at Montecasino then the good news is he has just released his latest album. He really is ‘fabulous’ – incredibly talented and entertaining.

From the Footlights features songs from Shrek (Who I’d Be), Chicago (All That Jazz), Love Never Dies (‘Til I Hear You Sing), Rocky Horror Picture Show (I’m Going Home), Sweeney Todd (A Barber’s Ballad), West Side Story (Maria) and Catch Me if You Can (Goodbye) and others.

“I am in love with musical theatre because it is live. In this album I have tried to capture the performance in such a way that it feels like you are seeing and hearing a live stage performance,” says Roxmouth. “No auto tuning, just great musicians delivering masterful renditions of wonderful material. With this in mind, I chose numbers that either haven’t been covered before or old favourites that have been refreshed and given a new musical angle.”

Well done on a “FABULOUS’ show Jonathan Roxmouth!!!

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