Five books I am currently reading!

Who says you can only read one book at a time!

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A Mustard Seed – Angus Buchan

The first thing I need in the morning is daily inspiration – Angus Buchan’s A Mustard Seed provides 366 devotions, you can choose to read the devotion allocated to that specific day of the year, or sometimes I open it on any page and something pertinent for that day will appear. Today I read something relevant for me, about not worrying about things being small. Everything has to start somewhere, every BIG business began small, and right now after selling my magazines and running my own businesses for the last decade, everything in my life seems small in comparison. Today’s inspiration was to have faith knowing that God has BIG things in store for me. Amen to that!

Persuasion Games – Gilan Gork

Will you persuade or be persuaded.

Mind games are very clever, and when one thinks of them we think negatively, or of being hypnotised or fooled. Gilan Gork provides some insights into learning how to use persuasion to enhance your life, both personal and in business. I like his approach because it is ethical and responsible, and while he mentions psychics, he shows how they actually manipulate their clients with persuasion techniques that anyone can learn.

One of the things he mentions, which I must admit I have done time and time again with client’s proposals, is if you want to sell a particular package, then place it in the middle with higher options above it, and lower priced options below it and people will compromise and choose the reasonable middle of the range package. The same works with products.

Brand Schizo – Mike Stopforth

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a breakfast and listen to Mike speak, apparently it was very insightful and he clarified a few things that I am already undertaking, which was exciting to hear – as I missed it I was brought the book. As you probably know Mike Stopforth is the CEO of Cerebra and he speaks on all things – social media, social business, marketing, branding and communication.

A couple of things from his book that I want to share with you:

I love this…

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” John Keating, Dead Poets Society, 1989.

The Information Age Customer – he introduces us to a real South African example, Cobus Potgieter, he follows 300 people on twitter but is followed by 47000, he has over 3 million likes on Facebook, and over 144 million views on his YOUtube Channel, but no one in South Africa knows him.

He shares what he loves on his social networks; he shares his experiences with his followers who will assume an opinion based on his reviews. We may never meet him, but we will never know when he walks into our business and decides to talk about us online.

Like Water for Chocolate – Laura Esquivel

The wonderful thing about studying Literature, is that you are forced to dabble in things that otherwise may never have come your way. One of my subjects I am tackling for the looming exams is ‘Cultural Diversity in Literary Contexts’. This mouthful of words looks at human beings, and how their differences converge.

A look at transformation of the natural into the cultural is exotically presented in Laura Esquivels ‘Like Water for Chocolate’. This book is a wonderful search of one women, combining food, magic and romance in her quest for independence and fulfillment.

Vita – Melania Mazzucco

This book is about Italian Immigration and it spans the lives of a boy and a girl, who arrive in America to make a life for themselves. It shows how people converge together but still keep their own traditions despite living together, and it highlights the prejudices that are so real in the pursuit of dreams. Their love story spans generations and is about finding ones roots and survival.





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