Insight Vacations sets their sights on the Baby Boomers


Service Dining3 July 2011

They’re a generation that was born after the Second World War. Notable inventions that came about during this time include credit cards, the microwave oven, bikinis, ball point pens, colour TV, Lego and pacemakers.

They’ve experienced the conquering of Everest and the assassination of John F Kennedy. They watched in awe as Neil Armstrong took ‘one giant leap for mankind’. Yes, the generation we know as the Baby Boomers have certainly made their mark on this world. And there’s even more to come.

Born between the mid 1940’s and 1960’s they’re the first generation to experience international travel purely for pleasure’s sake. Their forefathers only got to leave home soil to fight in the Great Wars but this generation travels for the sake of travel.

Many other privileges come with being a Baby Boomer. Besides being raised on a diet of Dr. Spock their parents had a slightly more liberal and gentle approach to rearing their children. No more of the ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’, no – Baby Boomers were raised to different standards. They danced to Elvis, sang along to the Beatles and Rolling Stones and of course enjoyed all the benefits of the Swinging Sixties.

A generation of Boomers is now set to retire, or are already enjoying life at their own time and pace. Travel companies like Insight Vacations are focusing in on their love for travel and their need to experience the world in ways their parents never could. As the workaholic Baby Boomer packs away his pocket calculator he is readying to be the next generation of big spending travellers.

Catering to the needs of a Boomer can be a complex business. They’re a socially conscious bunch, being the first of their time to protest against modern day evils such as nuclear waste and climate change, so it is important to make sure the travel product you’re offering ticks these boxes.

This is no ‘blue rinse brigade’. Baby Boomers have looked after themselves very well. They’re healthy, fit and image conscious so their holiday of choice must match their image. This ever stylish bunch is equally drawn to a great hotel that is centrally located with superb views as it is to the prospect of enjoying Michelin-starred dining.

The destinations they want to visit are equally alluring. They have inevitably travelled extensively for business and pleasure during their working lives and now they’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Places that not everyone can go to. After a lifetime spent achieving in the boardroom, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Bucket list destinations such as India, Iceland and Macchu Pichu feature extensively, but Boomers want to travel there in style. No backpacking or slobbing it from one place to the next. No, it’s time to put those hard-earned finances to work and to do it in style.

For a travel opportunity that ticks all the Boomer boxes you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than Insight Vacations Luxury Gold holidays. It is luxury travel, redefined. Take the French Elegance with Monaco Extension for instance. This meticulously designed holiday oozes style and grace peppered with the kinds of experiences that Boomers aspire to. Think Michelin-starred dining at the Le Dauphin restaurant in Deauville, stays at the Trianon Palace in Versailles and a Gourmet Walk with a Parisian foodie through the local markets in Paris. These are the types of experiences that Boomers are looking for.

Slightly further afield the Spirit of the North and South India is sure to appeal to those Boomers who have always wanted to travel to the subcontinent. But this is no ordinary journey. Guests will rise early to watch the sun crest over the Taj Mahal, minus the crowds, they will stay at the magnificent Trident by Oberoi in Agra and then, after a sunset safari, they will dine with a family in Jaipur, sampling the most delicious home-cooked Indian cuisine.

For those Boomers who have always wanted to go behind the scenes at the Vasari Corridor or enjoy private tour to the Sistene chapel then the Ultimate Italy is the perfect choice. Guests stay in the Capri Palace Hotel on the Isle of Capri, being delivered to their hotel in style in an open-topped taxi. They will enjoy Michelin-starred dining at Il Riccio, one of Capri’s most famous restaurants and they’ll learn the secrets of Tuscan cooking in Pisa.

Insight Vacations makes sure that all destinations visited are enriched by the presence of their guests. Through the TreadRight Foundation, they work to promote sustainable travel and to preserve the beauty and culture of the destinations visited.

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