Fairtrade South Africa launches the first Fairtrade Webstore in the world.


In response to the numerous consumer queries about where to buy Fairtrade products,  Fairtrade South Africa has launched the world’s first Fairtrade Webstore – an online platform where consumers will be able to shop for their favourite products with the world’s most recognised and trusted ethical label.

“Fairtrade South Africa is celebrated for its pioneering spirit; the Cape Town-based office was the global organisation’s first marketing and business development set up in a developing country. This has subsequently led the way for other emerging markets like Brazil, India and Kenya to follow suit by opening local offices and steadily grow domestic demand for their local Fairtrade products. We like to think innovation is in our DNA,” says Lynsay Sampson, marketing and media manager at Fairtrade Label South Africa.

The online shop [link: http://www.fairtrade.org.za/shop] is being piloted with wine, with the introduction of chocolate, wine, tea and spices planned for later in the year. In celebration of the launch of the webstore, wineries are offering consumers a generous discount of 20% off selected wines. Consumers are encouraged to visit the store and explore the easy and convenient way to have a range of delicious, ethically produced wines delivered straight to their door.

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