World Rhino Day 2016

The Travel Corporation and the TreadRight Foundation are celebrating World Rhino Day 2016, recognized annually on September 22, with the launch of a new video featuring leading environmentalist, adventurer and explorer, Céline Cousteau sitting down with Angus Tanner, senior manager conservation, Wilderness Foundation Africa.

Cousteau has spent her life exploring the planet and helping to amplify the voices of the amazing individuals working to protect ecosystems, wildlife, and people. As TreadRight Ambassador, she’s helping the foundation tell the heartening stories of our own inspiring partners and projects around the world.

Through the TreadRight Wildlife Initiative, the foundation has provided support to the Wilderness Foundation Africa by funding the purchase of a bat hawk aircraft used for rhino anti-poaching operations, as well as supporting general wildlife crime countermeasures.

In the new TreadRight Ambassador video, Cousteau explores the dire situation rhino populations currently face and learns more about the important role the TreadRight Bat Hawk plays in the Wilderness Foundation’s vital conservation efforts.

“The bat hawk is one of the fantastic arrow’s in our quiver, not only in the monitoring of the species, but also as a deterrent and active apprehension tool,” Tanner explains to Cousteau in the video. “Without TreadRight’s support so far, we wouldn’t have taken the steps we have.”

“It was quite moving to sit down with Angus and gain a better understanding of how hard the Wilderness Foundation is working to save rhinos from extinction. It’s truly a non-stop battle that requires constant vigilance and complete dedication in the face of this threat of unprecedented proportions,” says Cousteau. “In filming the video, one of the things I really wanted to discover for myself was whether or not the people on the front line believe this is a battle that they can win. I got my answer.”

The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative is delivered in partnership with leading wildlife organizations WildAid, the Wilderness Foundation Africa, and Wildlife SOS – India, and is dedicated to helping ensure our planet’s most at risk wildlife populations are protected.

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