A Sensory delight in the heart of the Lowveld.

I recently had the pleasure of getting out of the city, and visiting a bush retreat in the heart of the South African Lowveld. On most occasions, I find myself in Big Five reserves, and therefore I welcomed a respite in which I could focus on relaxing. I love the idea of walking in the bush without having to have my personal ranger and rifle, and while the Big Five is incredible, there is also something about being able to just mingle with nature, and enjoy it for its many other qualities.

During a 2km  walk at Tomjachu Bush Retreat, I was definitely able to appreciate, the cool morning air, the beautiful vistas that lay before and beyond us, in lush hues that beckoned a canvas, and the many varied medicinal and beneficial properties of the trees and shrubs.

The smell of the bush on a clear, damp lowveld morning, the plains game which came comfortably, but not too close – watching us, watching them…and the sound of the frogs and the birds –  a symphony synonymous with the South African Bushveld and especially Tomjachu.

I will continue this reflection in the March Issue of TravelmagSA Finding Fabulous, as I hope to reveal to you some of the many sensory delights this very special place called Tomjachu Bush Retreat inspired.


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