Cape Point audio launch


By Nidha Narrandes

The mythical Flying Dutchman has inspired the imagination more times than we may know. The story of the ghostly East Indiaman has endeared itself to the Cape of Storms and will forever share a tragic but beautiful bond with Cape Point.

The tale has gained longevity and legs through the passage of time, inspiring books and finding new life through word of mouth. Now there’s an app for that. The history of Cape Point, its wild, untouched landscape and of course the ghost of the East Indiaman come alive using Cape Point’s new audio tour.

Just download the tour, plug in your earphones and push play.

The audio tour, created by VoiceMaps, is available for free download via the Apple and Google Play App stores in a few simple steps:

1.     Open the Apple or Google Play App store
2.     Search for and download the VoiceMap app
3.     Once the App is installed, hit the Start button and follow the instructions
4.     Click the three-striped icon, select Cities, scroll down to South Africa and click Cape Point
5.     Download both the available tours to enable you to choose your preference on the day of your visit to Cape Point
6.     Find the audio tour under My Routes

Starting from the main parking area, the audio tour shares fascinating information about the national park’s maritime history, fauna, flora, Cape Point legends and the funicular. The audio tour keeps track with you so you can meander along the route at your own pace using the walking tour – or go the express route on the funicular before making your way to the lighthouse.

If you’re more than 500m from the starting point, you can choose to “Get Directions” to the location or “Play Anyway” – which enables you to listen to the tour even when you are not on site.

The tip of Africa has driven explorers and conquerors crazy for centuries and over the edge, so to speak. The triumph of rounding the continent through turbulent seas and treacherous rocks was enough to make sailors pay the ultimate price.

Visitors can now hear about the legend of Caption Hendrik van der Decken, who swore to round the Cape of Good Hope even if it took him till Doomsday. You can listen to these and other interesting facts while gazing over the ocean secretly wishing you get to see the ghost of the Flying Dutchman. It’s like having a miniature tour guide sitting on your shoulder and talking into your ear.

The audio tour advances an already breathtaking experience by satisfying another of our senses. The app uses geolocation so it knows exactly where you are in relation to the the landscape. The voices bring to life what could otherwise be just another tour with brochures.

Judiet Barnes, Marketing Manager of Cape Point Partnership says, “The audio tour is mainly targeted at our self-drive visitors who aren’t accompanied by a tour guide, however it has been crafted to enhance all visits, even for those traveling in large tour groups.”

Be sure to download the App and the tour beforehand as the signal is not optimal at Cape Point. It is user friendly and makes for fascinating exploration.

Upload, engage, listen and have fun!