It is that time of year again, the excitement is building and you can feel something is coming to South Africa other than just the winter. The nation is getting ready […]

Sweet & Savoury Pleasures!

I cannot think of anywhere better to pair both sweet and savoury pleasures than on a wine and olive farm. I have enjoyed many food and wine pairings over the […]

I went to a marvelous party’…

and watched…A Play without words…  A vortex other than being a whirlpool, can be described as being a situation regarded as drawing into its centre all that surrounds it, and […]

Eating in the ‘Vale’!

On Sunday we went for lunch to Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill, a popular family restaurant in Edenvale. Having never been before, we did not book, so sitting outside was out […]

Dressing the Body I have!

I recently found some fabulous fashion tips on Pinterest, which apparently all the celebrities use. In the past I didn’t have to think about these things, in my twenties and […]

Catch the Sales!

There is something very dangerous about having two hours to kill in the mall, and on Friday afternoon I found myself in this dilemma. Of course I could have gone […]

Convenience Shopping at its best!

The Spar in Bedfordview has been a conveniently placed store en-route for me daily for a number of years, unfortunately though each time I went in there, I asked my […]